Apply for ESAW 2021

Artist Application

Are you a Los Angeles based Artist who wants to show at ESAW 2021?

Application Deadline: July 28th, 2021

Important Things to Note:

  • Artists will only be asked to submit payment after they’re been accepted. Payment will be due in 10 days after requested.
  • Students are $25 per night, and we’ll make special considerations for certain artists (performance, musicians, etc)

(payment due once accepted)

Business Application

Are you an El Segundo based Business that wants to host an artist for ESAW 2021?

Application Deadline: July 21st, 2021

Important Things to Note:

  • Businesses will only be asked to submit payment after they’re been accepted. Payment will be due in 10 days after requested.
  • If you’ve participated previously in ESAW, you are automatically approved.

$50/night $150/night for Restaurants
(payment due once accepted)

Student Artists are $25 per night.
Application FAQs
Artists Questions
What type of artists can be involved?

Art Criteria

The El Segundo Art Walk is open to the following types of art:
Painting, Drawing, Printing, Sculpture, Dance, Video, Photography, Audio, Performance

The El Segundo Art Walk is a family friendly event. Art with vulgar or lewd content is not permitted. Violators will be expelled from the event and not allowed to participate in future El Segundo Art Walks.

Artwork should be displayed in as tasteful a manner as possible.

The artist or an artist representative approved by the ESAW committee is responsible for being present through the duration of the Art Walk.  All transactions will take place directly between the artist and the customer. No money exchange is to happen between the venue and artist.

Artists are expected to behave in a professional manner. All violators will be expelled from the event and not allowed to participate in future Art Walks.

Why are Artists charged?
ESAW was founded on the goal of growing exposure to local artists. By charging Artists, we are able to provide better operation and promotion of the event, therefore creating a larger audience to see the art.

Students are $25/night, and we make special considerations for artists such as musicians, performance artists or other unique situations.

How are Artists placed?
Once all businesses and artists are determined, the ESAW committee will privately place them based off space and amount of work.
Businesses Questions
What businesses can be involved?

Business Criteria

(1) Criteria to be a Participating Business of ESAW: Businesses must be creative or art related and must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Art: Gallery, Studio, Museum, TV/Movie Production, Music, Performance Art
  • Design: Architecture, Interior, Furniture, Automotive, Graphic, Surfboard
  • Fashion: Apparel, Jewelry Health &
  • Beauty: Hair Salon, Wellness

Some exceptions/restrictions apply. For example, we would consider accepting a venue if the space is interesting and conducive to showing art. i.e. Ole Smoky Moonshine. Or the space has an artistic tie-in. i.e. Blue Butterfly Coffee Shop. Other venues to be considered are warehouse spaces listed by a real estate agent. The space would have to be safe for patrons, insured by individual party hosting the space and show art well. Some restrictions like proximity to the other participants or venue layout can hinder qualification for participation. All applicants must be approved by the ESAW committee to participate.

Sponsor of the El Segundo Art Walk: If your business does not get accepted or does not fit the criteria of the El Segundo Art Walk tour, that means that it will not be listed on the ESAW map. However, there are other opportunities to be a part of the Art Walk and promote your business. We absolutely encourage you to open your doors as walking traffic is at a record number on ESAW evenings. By becoming a Supporter of the El Segundo Art Walk, your business name will be listed as a supporter on ESAW’s social media and other promotional material. This will offer you the opportunity to run specials or discounts for the night of the Art Walk or simply draw more attention to your business.


If you are selected, a payment link will be sent to you to pay credit card, check or cash.

How else can I help the El Segundo Art Walk?
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Interested in Sponorship?

We are offering different levels Sponsorship, all which can create awareness for your business.