Everything you need to know about ESAW.
When is the El Segundo Art Walk?

The El Segundo Art Walk will take place Saturday, August 24th 3-9PM 2024.

I’m an artist, how do I participate in the El Segundo Art Walk?

The El Segundo Art Walk is a curated event. All artists must apply for consideration of participation. Deadline for applicants is July 28, 2021.  See our Application Page for more details.

I’m a business owner, how do I participate in the El Segundo Art Walk?

To participate, businesses must meet a criteria suitable for the Art Walk Please see our Application Page for details. 

I’m a business that does not fit the criteria as a participant but I want to get involved.

A great way to get involved is to become a sponsor for the event!  ESAW will list your business name as a participating sponsor along with other benefits.  Please email us at info@elsegundoartwalk.com for details.

Are Real Estate agents allowed to participate in the Art Walk?

There is an opportunity for you to participate. If you have a vacant warehouse or retail space that is finished and safe for patrons to tour and is conducive to showing art work, you may apply to participate. Not all applications will be accepted.

You may also become a sponsor for the event. Your name will be listed as one of our participating sponsors as well as other benefits. Please see our Sponsorship Opportunities page for details.

Can I purchase art at the El Segundo Art Walk?

Yes! All of our participating artists are set up to accept payment for their work.

Are all of the participating businesses in walking distance?

Yep, ESAW takes place entirely in the Downtown and Smokey Hollow neighborhoods. While it is walkable, we do offer a free shuttle service for convenience.

Is there transportation or shuttle?

Yes. ESAW has a free shuttle service. Stops will be noted on the maps.

Is there designated parking for the event?
No, but the City of El Segundo provides plenty of free parking.
I want to volunteer for the El Segundo Art Walk. How do I get involved?

For volunteer inquiries, please email us through our contact page.